3 responses to “Halliburton ‘Giving Choices’

  1. Hello,. I picked up one of your packets at the Halliburton Giving Choices fair and I wanted to make a donation through Halliburton paycheck deductions via Giving Choices. However, when I put in the name “Fostering Foundations” on the Giving Choices site, it bring up Youth Services in El Reno as receiving the donation. Is this correct? If so, how do I know my contribution will be directed to Fostering Foundations?

    • Hi Vicki! That is a great question, thanks for asking. We have sent off for our non-profit 501 C-3 status, but this takes months for the IRS to approve. We are partnered with Youth and Family Services in El Reno, so we are using their 501 C-3 status until ours is approved, so everyone donating can get their tax deductions. Youth and Family Services has an account set up for us for our projects, and the current families we are helping have been foster families going through their foster program. We get 100% of everything donated through Giving Choices. I have family members that work there as well, so you can feel confident with your donation. Thank you so much and I cannot tell you how much we appreciate your donation!

      • Great! Thanks for the clarification.

        It won’t be a large donation since I am already giving to other very worthwhile charities, however, yours so touched my heart that I wanted to increase my donation this year to add some for your organization.


        Vicki Howard
        Technology Center
        2600 South 2nd Street
        Duncan, OK 73536-0457

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