Christmas 2013

“It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

For many kids and families, Christmas is ‘the most wonderful time of the year.’ And why wouldn’t it be?Food, family, Santa, and those gifts under the tree make Christmas a magical and exciting time of the year. However, there are many children, right here in Oklahoma, who will go without any of these. There are hundreds of kids across Oklahoma who will wake up in a shelter on Christmas morning.

Fostering Foundations helps to brighten this time of year for these children by providing food, clothes, shoes, and personalized wish list items every Christmas.

We are currently sponsoring:

  • Youth and Family Services children’s shelter in El Reno
  • Youth and Family supported apartments housing teens who have aged out of the foster system
  • Youth and Family Service’s foster families and children

In addition to this sponsorship, we held a Christmas party for the kids at Youth and Family Services children’s shelter in one of our homes. We wanted the kids to be able to go to a ‘real’ home to celebrate this holiday, in hopes that they could experience Christmas in a magical way. We had a traditional Christmas meal, did some face painting (Mona Lisa Face Painting), painted Christmas bags (Soni Parsons), and Santa Claus (Santa Pops) paid each of the children a visit, bringing them each a personalized Christmas present.

Below are some of the pictures from this amazing day:
















If you would like to help us make Christmas special for children in need, please go to our homepage and make a tax deductible donation through Paypal. Every donation makes a difference!

Thank you and God bless!


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