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Hansen Family

Hansen Family


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I met with Heather Hansen this morning. We had spoken on the phone only once, but I knew from this one conversation that I would have a difficult time finding anyone more deserving of my time and assistance than her and her family. She opened my eyes to an opportunity to help children that I had not yet considered. It had not occurred to me that there are families, already doing so much to provide a home for so many of the 11,400+ children in state custody, who are willing to take even more kids into their home. She has a heart bursting with desire to help children in need. Children who have been abused, neglected, and mistreated. She so desires to help every child, and I have no doubt she would take on every one of the 11,400+ kids in state custody tomorrow, if she had her way.

Her family has been fostering for three years now. They have taken in 14 children over this time who have been removed from their abusive or neglectful homes. All the while, she has been a mom to her four biological kids. They just finalized adoption of their 18-month-old little girl, who suffers from Cerebral Palsy. They have fostered a two and a half year old little boy for a year and a half, who has been in and out of his abusive home. As with many children taken from their homes, these two children have siblings who are in need of a home. Heather and her family hope to provide that for them. Two brothers of their foster child are six and seven years old. Heather described the seven year old as being an ‘old soul,’ as he has been the one basically raising his six year old brother. Their 18-month-old daughter has a sibling who isn’t even a month old. They expect a call for placement at any time, and hope to have a home waiting for her. The brothers will be in need of a home on June 15th.

The issue for this family is certainly not one of desire to help, but one of space. DHS regulations allow no more than two children to a bedroom. Right now, they have two children to every bedroom in their home. They spoke with a contractor who is willing to convert their formal dining room into a bedroom at minimal cost. They also are in need of an extra bathtub for the kids, so he agreed to convert their half bath to a full bath at minimal cost as well. The extra space would allow them to take on all of their children’s siblings, and give them a home and family they very much need and desire.

This family has been such a blessing to so many children in need. Not everyone is called to foster, but we all have an opportunity to help those who are able. The crisis for children in our state is dire, and we have an opportunity to help a loving family take on three more of these children. This family would love an opportunity to provide these kids a home, but more importantly, a family. They cannot do this unless they have the accommodations they are required to have.

We hope to raise $5,000 to convert their formal dining room into a bedroom for these children. If possible, we would like to raise an additional $5,000 to convert their bathroom to accommodate the 9 children they would have in their home. Please consider helping them help these children. Renovation can be finished in approximately two days for the bedroom and 2 weeks for the bathroom. Ideally, they could bring these children into their family immediately with YOUR help! Please consider donating to help this family make a home for some well deserving children in need. No donation is too small, and 100% of your donation will go towards renovating their home for these children. Thank you and God bless!


Click on the following link to donate to this family’s project:



Running Tally Of Hansen Family Donations:

$950- Anonymous

$100- Crystal Hargis

$10- Anonymous

$50- Kochendorfer Family

$100- Anonymous

$50- John Archer

$1,000- Anonymous

$2,000- Anonymous

$25- Jill Chatham

$50- Anonymous

$35- Kim Marable

$50- Damon Karther

$250- Hays Family



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