Christmas 2014


Just your typical Santa moment right?

   Actually, this child, a four-year-old, was one of hundreds of children who spent Christmas in a shelter last year.

There are over 12,000 children in state custody in Oklahoma this year. Hundreds of these children will wake up in a shelter on Christmas morning. Fostering Foundations helps to brighten this time of year for these children by providing toys, clothes, shoes, and personalized wish list items every Christmas.

This Christmas, Fostering Foundations will:

  • Purchase entire Santa Wish Lists for children spending Christmas at the Youth and Family Services children’s shelter in El Reno (10-12 kids)
  • Purchase wish lists for Youth and Family Service’s foster children and provide gift baskets including gift cards, family games, books, etc. for foster families (26 foster and 14 adopted kids and 20 foster families)
  • Purchase wish lists for teenagers who have aged out of the system and live in Youth and Family Services sponsored apartments (15 kids plus children)
  • Host an annual Christmas party in Founder’s home for the kids at the shelter to allow them the opportunity to go to a ‘real’ home to celebrate Christmas. We have a traditional Christmas meal, do some face painting, decorate Christmas bags, and Santa Claus pays each of the children a visit, and brings them each a personalized Christmas present. (10-12 kids)

Every year, we purchase items on every child’s wish list at the Youth and Family Service’s shelter. This year we are hoping to provide these items to more shelters in Oklahoma. We cannot do any of our projects without assistance. Please consider making a donation to help us make this happen! All donations are tax deductible and will help make Christmas special for a child in need. You can donate by making a secure Paypal donation on the homepage of our website or by sending a check to Fostering Foundations at 12301 Carriage Way Oklahoma City, OK 73142. If sending a check, please be sure to put a return address so we can send you a receipt for tax purposes!

Thank you and have a blessed holiday season!

Christmas 2014 was a huge success!

Tablets and stockings delivered to Midwest/Del City and Guthrie shelters:





Wish lists filled for foster kids at Youth and Family Services in El Reno:



Shelter Christmas party at Founder’s home:










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