Christmas 2016


Fostering Foundations provides year round assistance for foster children and foster families throughout the OKC metro area. However, there is no greater time of year to give than Christmas! Each Christmas, Fostering Foundations provides wish list items including toys, coats, clothes and shoes to kids in foster care, children in shelters, and teenagers who have aged out of the system. Additionally, we provide gift baskets full of necessities, games, treats and more to foster families. Our reach expands from the Youth and Family Services children’s shelter in El Reno, to the Mid-Del Youth and Family Center children’s shelter in Midwest City, to the Maudie Hirschi children’s shelter in Guthrie.

Last Christmas, we provided:

  • Christmas wish list items for children in foster care
  • Over $1000 worth of gift cards to assist families with some of the financial burden associated with fostering
  • Board games and movies for foster families
  • Christmas wish list items for teenagers who aged out of the system and lived in transitional living apartments
  • New pot and pan sets, new towel sets, stuffed stockings and Kindle Fire tablets for teens who aged out of the system and lived in transitional living apartments
  •  Stuffed stockings and Kindle Fire tablets, as well as Payless, Sonic and McDonald’s gift cards, for kids at the El Reno, Mid-Del and Guthrie children’s shelters

This Christmas, we are in need of:

  • Tablets for children spending Christmas in shelters (Tablets are a great gender and age neutral gift. Because of the emergency nature of shelters, we do not know what age or gender the children will be until the very last minute.)
  • Stockings and stocking stuffers for children spending Christmas in shelters
  • Gift cards for foster families (grocery stores, Walmart, Target, restaurants and family fun places)
  • Family games, books, packaged desserts, entertainment items, etc. for foster family gift baskets
  • Toys, clothes, coats, and shoes for foster children and aged-out teenager’s Christmas wish lists

Fostering Foundations relies fully on the support and generosity of our community to make everything we do possible! Please consider us for your tax deductible donation this year!

Donations can be made by clicking the secure Paypal donation button on the top left of the page, or email us at to find out more about sending a check.

Thank you and God bless!

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